About Us

Almigther -

We are Anees Thabit Almigther corporation For Trading . One of the leading private companies in Yemen. We are specialized in importing spices, beans, and foodstuffs from worldwide and re-selling them in our market . We are experts in exporting Yemeni honey and coffee as well.

We have been working on this field since 2005, through this time; we developed and acquired experiences and become well-known on the field of foodstuff and spices in Yemen . Our goal always to buy the best and to make our products reach every home and heart in our country , Quality is our priority, honesty is our ethic and customer satisfaction is our purpose .

We have a sister company called :


Address : Aden/Taiz str. – Aden- Yemen

We own many branches which are specialized in selling the products in wholesale and retail. They are prevalent in almost all cities of our local market .

We are always glad to receive your offers and quotes , we will study them and revert back to you as soon as possible .